The Fall of Brekhan

From Peodon to Baystead

Kastrick's Final Journey

Raxxus and Belril Set out immediately after we removed ourselves from Lord Eren’s Manor, the rest of us stayed in town for a while waiting for the storm to die out. It didn’t, so we set out with another group travelling off towards Grimsby. They said the weather was “weird”.

We nearly made it to Grimsby without incident, until a pair of large eagles had decided to attack us. Banjo collected a lot of feathers.

Raxxus had made a friend on his way to Grimsby, his name was Greg. Greg’s friends had gone missing. Greg wanted us to help him find his friends. We tried.

Kastrick casted a ritual that gave him general directions to where Greg’s friends might be, and we set off inland to the east. We made it about halfway to the next town when Greg found a cave. Dammit Greg. We entered the cave, prepared for a fight. The cave was filled with Trist. They demanded we give them a large weapon. They got Kastrick. Kastrick told them he could create a large weapon using magic. I never saw Kastrick alive again, so I don’t think he did a good job.

The rest of us charged in, sans Greg, when they demanded a weapon in exchange for Kastrick’s life. As soon as we caught up to the trist, they killed Kastrick. Raxxus and Belril then proceeded to slaughter any unfortunate trist who came close enough. There was a large monster named “Big Mama” who appeared to be their leader. when she was defeated, the remaining trist surrendered. We collected loot and Kastrick’s remains.

We continued to the next town. Greg was very distraught at the loss of the one person who could help him find his friends. We held a funeral for Kastrick, and met a man named Cerberus Atwood. He only had one arm. We travelled back to Grimsby, then headed up north, finally arriving in Baystead, where Cerberus helped Greg acquire a job in the military.


keataren Temmin

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