The Fall of Brekhan

Leaving Arabar

Dammit Raxxus


We left Arabar, finally, but I didn’t get to finish working for the week. Oh well, goodbye paycheck/travel rations. We set up camp off the road for the night, but some templars came by while Kastrick and Callum were on watch, and attacked us by throwing ceramic cases of oil at us, some flaming. There was a lot of burning. I miss Ollyn.

We killed most of the inquisitors, and there was some champion guy who was yelling stuff at Raxxus and Belril, but he ran away. must have seen my lightning. Unlimited power! after they left, we made it to the next town without incident, although Kastrick was seriously hurt. Keram and I seem to make a good duo.


keataren Temmin

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