The Fall of Brekhan

The Rise of Gaben

And the subsequent wall-creation

[Assassination cutscene]
The party of three sets off for Linvale. Strega and Knil eat their sandwiches, while Ollyn begins memorizing the magic words that were given to him by Knil. All of a sudden, Ollyn says “Group of people watching someone perform!” Knil asks for clarification, and Strega likes the idea and suggests forming a band.

Meanwhile in Linvale, Galan goes to meet a man by the name of Darryl. There is a sheep pen nearby Darryl’s hut, and Galan sees Darryl’s son outide, who goes in and is replaced by Darryl himself. Darryl then offers Galan a reward if he can give Darryl the head of whatever it is that has been stealing Darryl’s sheep. Galan accepts the offer, and begins to walk around the pen in the dark, surrounded by complete darkness.

At this point, the party arrives. Strega sees people playing dice, and decides to join in. He loses money and kicks the table. Ollyn begins to ask around for information on a wizard.

Ollyn: “Is there a wizard around here?”
Farmer: [nods]
Ollyn: “Do you know where I could find this wizard?”
Farmer: [nods]
Ollyn: “Where can I find this wizard?”
Farmer: “Well there’s the right question!”

The farmer can not quite remember the wizard’s name, but Ollyn manages to guess that the wizard’s name is Gaben.
Then the party heads out to Darryl’s hut. They meet up with Darryl, who tells them that the wizard is in the field.
[22:42] The party then decides they need light, and Ollyn requests a light from Darryl, who isn’t giving out freebies. Strega then offers Darryl a torch in exchange for a torch, and oddly enough, the two torches are absolutely and utterly identical.
After much emotional team-building, the torch is lit.
As the party approaches Gaben, he is frightened and erects what for all of history shall be known as The First Wall of Gaben.

The party then asks Gaben to come to Artin, who agrees on the condition that the party assist him on his current quest. There is much huddling, and the party sets up camp for the night. While on watch, Strega puts Ollyn‘s hand in a cup of water. During Knil’s watch, he sees the cup of water, then a group of figures of in the distance, back-lit by the moon climbing over the fence. He wakes Ollyn, who begins putting armour on, then Knil goes to wake everyone else up quietly, but kicks the cup of water, which flies and hits Strega, who wakes up shouting, waking everyone else up. Knil points out the blob-ish figures, and Gaben begins charging off towards them. Knil then begins to assist Ollyn with his armour. Strega follows behind Gaben on his charge. Upon nearing the creatures, Strega is hit by two arrows, and Gaben is hit by another. Gaben then takes one further step and erects The Second Wall of Gaben before falling flat on his face, exhausted to the point of death from his efforts.
One of the trist falls and cripples his hand, the other two fall and land on their legs.
Strega runs up to the third one and hits it twice through the neck with his Nagitana, killing it.
The two remaing trist stand up, and Strega goes up to the second one and hits it, knocking it unconscious. The first trist, with the broken hand, begins to run, throwing stuff on the ground as it runs to try and lose weight. Strega then throws his Nagitana, misses, and the trist continues to run. At this point, Ollyn finishes putting his armour on, Strega picks up his Nagitana and throws it again, missing, and breaks the weapon. Strega then attempts to run the trist to exhaustion, but falls unconscious while running. Ollyn goes to The Second Wall of Gaben and smashes the ankles of the unconscious trist with a stone from the wall. Knil goes to Gaben and begins looting him, then attempts to apply first-aid. Ollyn then sets off in search of Strega.


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