The Fall of Brekhan

Travelling with the caravan


I sold my air ritual Grimoire (not sure why I was still holding on to that useless book), and used the money to buy a saddle horse, named Shadowdancer. Kastrick worked on some scrolls for the caravan, and we got to travel with them to Baystead Peodon. I was with kastrick when he was talking with some caravan leader guy, he seemed to ignore me. Oh well.

One night, we set camp just outside of Taham, and Raxxus disapeared. Not sure what that’s about. There was a mute guy from the caravan Raxxus had seemed to piss off earlier, he also vanished around the same time as Raxxus, but not before ducking into our kart.

The mute guy came back, yelling about some trist that killed Raxxus. Guess he wasn’t so mute. Banjo shot at him, hit him in the back of the head, and he ran away. Keram and I ran after him, but he vanished into the forest.


keataren Temmin

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