Character Creation Rules

Basic Rules
Every new character starts with a number of points equal to 50% of their previous characters total (rounded up), unless they have picked and trained a replacement NPC. If there are no characters left the DM may assign a new points total for everyone.

All characters have a disadvantage limit of -40 points, and may not increase any skill beyond +4. Attributes may only be increased up to 14, except for ST which may be increased to 16. HP and FP may be changed by no more than 30% of it’s base attribute. Will and Per may only be changed by 3 from their base. Magery is limited to rank 2 or lower. Basic speed is limited to a change of 2 up or down from the calculated number, basic move is limited to 3 up or down from the calculated number.

Allies are limited to 100% of your point total, allies worth up to 150% can be taken as favours instead.

Picking and Training a Replacement
A character can make preparations for their death by finding and preparing someone to take their place. This make represent a formal arrangement between brothers, a long lasting friendship, or simply a business opportunity that the survivor could take advantage of.

If the replacement character is a previously known NPC, the DM will inform the player of their point total. If this is below 50% of their current total, they will be boosted up upon the characters death and nothing else must be done. If the NPC has more than 50% of the characters points, but less than 100%, the player will only be able to receive them as a replacement if they pay the “training” cost up front. The cost is 1 point for every 4 points the NPC exceeds the 50% limit. The NPC must have a legitimate reason to replace the character upon their death, and enemies cannot be selected as replacements. The player will only receive the NPC’s character sheet upon his replacement, but will then be able to spend any training points they spent above the required at the normal 1 to 4 conversion.

If the replacement character is an unknown NPC, the DM and the player will work together to decide who they are and why they would make an appropriate replacement. The player can construct the character sheet using 50% of the characters points total. Remember that these points will change, and training points should be recorded separately to ensure a replacement who is waiting a long time is worth their full point value. To increase the value of a replacement even further, the player must spend time training them. This need not require much time, but must be an obvious interest of the player and receive at least some attention during play. This training will allow the player to turn one of their character, combat, or general points into 4 of the same type for the replacement. The player can spend these immediately, or wait until the replacement is needed. A replacement can have his point total increased to 100% of the players this way, and a fully trained replacement makes grate justification to retire a character. If a replacement is also a dependent or ally, this training time is always met and they can be increased whenever the player desires. In addition, an ally can receive training points directly from their mentor as an ally, using the standard learning over time rules.

If a replacement character stands to inherit equipment from their mentor, they must purchase an appropriate level of wealth or signature gear to explain this. If an ally only stays in town to train, take them with a -50% limitation (Only in Town during Downtime). The amount of time they can be trained for is decided by their appearance roll.

When you can Create a New Character
A new character can be created and introduced into the world whenever an old character is killed or properly retired. To properly retire a character, they must not be part of an adventure, and have a safe place to retire to, and they must have a replacement waiting. Talk to the DM between sessions, and discuss exactly how the character will leave and how the new one will be introduced.

A retired character can be brought back in the future, gaining extra character points until their total is equal to that of the lowest other member of the party. Skills and advantages gained in this way may only be spent on mundane things the character has access to, no exotic traits that might be gained through adventure. (This is equivalent to step 5 of character creation)

Steps for Creating a New Character
Step 1: Check the rest of the party and determine if there are any play styles missing. Avoid creating a character who specializes in something another character already does. Decide what sort of play style you wish to fill.

Step 2: Decide on a background for your character, working with the DM to establish where they come from. Pick a city or town that already exists, or create one and let the DM know so he can edit it and introduce it into the world. This is the home town for your character.

Step 3: Begin by spending points on basic attributes that suits your characters background. Decide on your physical characteristics and any physical or mental disadvantages you would have since birth. This should account for between %30 and %60 of your points.

Step 4: Spend points on skills and advantages that your character has developed before they became an adventurer. This might include a few points learned from your parents, simple combat skills, advantages you were born with (including magery 0), and anything you would learn as an apprentice. This should account for between %10 and %40 of your points

Step 5: Spend points that make your character a full adventurer. Begin specializing towards your desired play style, purchase a level of wealth that would fit your characters ability to earn a standard (non-adventuring) living. Purchase any advantages that your character developed over time (but nothing exotic that another adventurer might earn from play). This should account for between %20 and %40 of your points

Step 6: Spend your remaining points on useful adventuring skills with punishing defaults, or which would hold the entire group back. This includes skills such as Stealth, Hiking, Climbing, First Aid, Gesture, Observation, and Search. This should use up all of your remaining points.

Step 7: Spend your characters cash on equipment which fit their skills and roles. Remember to purchase the minimum required equipment for skills if they have any (Bandages, Crafting Tools, ect).

Step 8: Present your character sheet to the DM for approval. Almost all characters will have a few minor changes needed to ensure they fit with the group and the world. Go back and change anything needed.

Valid Advantages and Perks

Character Creation Rules

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