Callum Longstone

Mildly psychopathic knife-fighter kid


A small 13 year old child, often dwarfed in stature by those around him. Callum normally has a look of pure, adorable innocence under his mop of orange hair, which is completely believable unless he hasn’t bothered to hide his array of knives. A travelling cloak helps conceal his weapons, and also doubles as a blanket when on the road. At a glance, it doesn’t seem like Callum is wearing armour, but he has padded the inside of the front of his shirt in deference to the fact that – occasionally – his opponent does get to attack back.


Callum grew up on the streets of westerhall. His family is poor, and became poorer still after his father was arrested for trying to put food on the table.
As such, Callum learned to survive in the streets, both physically and socially. He had a knack for knives, and grew to love fighting almost as much as having food on the table.
As far as he was concerned, victory in a fight meant the difference between a full belly and a beating, so Callum never learned to ‘fight fair’. If a path to victory was there, he took it.
Consequently, he killed his first person (a child of 12) at the age of 8, over a drunkards ‘lost’ purse of silver
He would have been viewed as a bit of a social delinquent had anyone bothered to take note, but despite his criminal activities Callum was never in a bad situation with the police.
This has to be attributed to his ability to hide his weapons and the innocent act he could put on with a surprising amount of conviction.

His good fortune couldn’t continue forever though; one evening he tried to steal a man’s purse of gold. He managed to stab the man and grab his gold, but failed to see the accomplice beforehand.
After fleeing through several alleyways Callum hit a dead end and was forced to fight the man’s friend. While skilled, he was driven back by the other man’s strength and eventually one of his knives shattered.
The accomplice was unable to press his advantage however, for Eron Shyx, a gang boss from the Shema Ranni, had just exited a nearby tavern. His henchman broke up the fight in quick order.
Eron didn’t like to see grown men beating on children, and after having his henchmen express his feelings on the matter rather emphatically Eron took Callum for a meal and a talk.
He recognised potential in the youth as an avid fighter with a good – if somewhat rash – head on his shoulders and took him under his wing, suggesting Callum leave Westerhall for a while to avoid the authorities.
Callum grew quite loyal to Eron in their short trip together, as Eron clothed him, fed him, and once they reached arabar he even bought him a fine dagger to replace his broken knife.
The only payment? “Remember this.”

Callum received a major wound after engaging in deadly combat with Maximus Trem, High Blessed Champion of the Warrior King, in the woods near Tahem. In his weakened state, Callum was unable to fight off the cougar which pounced on him after the fight. As the mortally wounded Raxxus watched on, the cougar tore Callum’s throat open. Raxxus chased the beast away, but was unable to bind the grievous neck wound, and was forced to watch as the young child’s life bled away in his arms. Callum was later buried in those same woods.

Callum Longstone

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