Cyrus Morthellon

Impoverished noble spellblade.


5’7" human male. Tanned skin and blonde hair. His clothes are worse for the wear, and a keen eye would note the padding under his tunic and the splints worked into it’s sleeves. He carries a pair of long, empty sheaths across his back. One is black and the other white. Each has a stylised design sewn into it. Cyrus also carries a balanced club on his left hip.

In combat Cyrus has been seen to summon blades from thin air, often “drawing” them from the sheaths across his back. He appears to rely on his superior dexterity and bladework to avoid blows and shows little hesitance in leaping into a fray.


To be revealed in time. Those who run in such circles would recognise the name Morthellon as a minor noble house in Hir’Tirith.

Cyrus Morthellon

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