Gaben, Our Lord and Savior, Master of Magics

Greatest Wall builder or your money back!


Walls successfully erected: 2
Enemies (at least) mildly annoyed by said walls: 4
Amount of times Talos has been praised: 1
Restraining Orders acquired through the means of lathering people up with healing salve: 1
Books written to teach young children how to praise Talos: 1


Y’all Mutha fuckers need Talos! – Gaben 2015

And in that instant Gaben, with all his might he erected a wall so large it knocked him off his feet. The goblinoids were simply no match for the raw radiance they had just witnessed, one passed out immediately while the others where simply dazed in awe. Then like lambs to the slaughter they were cut down by Gaben’s heroic allies in a display of skill so fine as to be unmatched to this very day.

Gaben, Our Lord and Savior, Master of Magics

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