Kelwin Breanainn

Heavily Armoured Bear-boy. He's got that halberd, and the strength to use it.


Character Sheet

ST 16 DX 10 IQ 10 HT 14
HP 21 Will 10 Per 10 FP 14
DoM 0 Basic Speed 6 Basic Move 6 Basic Lift 58
Striking Strength: 19

Kelwin is the teenage son of a wealthy merchant of high status. Gifted some land by his father Arctos, Kelwin has an ample stream of income for funding his adventuring hobby. Kelwin has joined the clergy of Umgrog, is a mid-ranking member of the Merchant’s Guild, and co-founded the Vindfield Adventurer’s Guild.

There is an odd fellow named Florio who is often mistaken for Kelwin, as they have similar faces and armour, and also exclusively fight with polearms. Lord Talon of Vindfield bears an unwarranted grudge towards Kelwin, as he believes (falsely, you can speak to Kelwin’s lawyer!) that Kelwin had at some time invaded his estate with a group of vagabonds.

Kelwin has an unending desire of meeting strange and interesting creatures, and dreams of one day conversing with a dragon or other exotic being of comparable esotericity.

Kelwin is almost always accompanied by his protege, Arulla. She doesn’t wield polearms in combat, but despite this poor judgement, Kelwin still respects her fighting prowess and unique personal identity and would protect her with his life.


Kelwin Breanainn

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