Knil Adlez

Un-Happy Arangnemagus


Knil shares some physical characteristics with those of an elf.
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Knil never knew his family. His parents, being chased by a gang of descendants from the ancient Odureg people, left him with a village of wood elves known as ’Murika. It was here that Knil grew up, never truly fitting in with the elves, but was accepted as a ’Murikan nonetheless. When Knil was but 15 years of age, however, ’Murika was attacked by the same band of Odureg, led by the swordmage Nonag. Knil hid, and managed to avoid death, but was faced with the slaughter of his friends. He vowed revenge on Nonag and his people, and has never been able to feel happiness since.

In chasing down Nonag, Knil gained knowledge of the Odureg, and learned that he himself was a descendant of the all but lost Eluryh Kingdom. The humans of his people had elf-like features, though the elves were of higher status. Knil learned that the desert-dwelling Orudeg had been at war with Eluryh millennia ago, before both sides seemed to vanish from history. There were legends of explorers coming across ruins of ancient stone cities once populated by Elurians, but now rest ghostly silent. Knil now longs to gaze upon the forgotten wonders of his ancestors, or at least find another Elurian descendant with whom he can share this dream.

At long last believing himself to be ready to confront Nonag, he overhead the fiend’s plot to obtain a sacred Elurian relic said to bestow the power of the gods unto its bearer, once the property of the royal family. To obtain this relic, however, Nonag had to read the Tome of Tnilohok, which was filled with dark secrets and mysteries that would lead him to the relic. All alone with the ancient codex in hand, Nonag was beginning to read by the dimming twilight when Knil jumped out from behind and snatched the book from his grasp. Knowing full well that the words written on the pages might be his only chance at ever seeing the work of his ancestors, Knil couldn’t risk possibly allowing Nonag access to such power and so took a torch to the book and burned his hopes in front of Nonag’s evil eyes.

Knil Adlez

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