Nonag "Oath Breaker" Fieldsman

Bandit Leader, deceased


A tall strong man, prone to boasts and bouts of overconfidence, Nonag was once the leader of the few remaining Odureg. Nonag sought ancient powers of magic, but was defeated by Knil and saw his chance burned in front of him, and earned the name “Oath Breaker” among all who knew him for his attempt.

Nonag fled to the forests, and there used his magic to carve a living from the dirt and save himself from starvation. Over time, he attracted followers, and dreamed of striking back and taking his revenge against Knil and all those who shunned him.

Nonag and his guards were slain by Knil and his companions near the forests of Artin after capturing the huntress Victoria Loyalar and demanding Knil come so he could kill him.

Nonag "Oath Breaker" Fieldsman

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