Ollyn Lumberfeld



Wears hardened leather torso armour and padded cloth arm armour.
Wields a shortsword and shield.
Has a limited ability to manipulate the ancient language.
Has a knack for remembering things in detail.
Is competent in the use of magical shields and wards
Has a small level of ability in the art of alchemy


Hooked nose
Voice is somewhat nasal, which occasionally causes others discomfort
Messy dirty-blond hair
Average build

Bit of a cold fish, but takes to knowledge and likes to master things. Acquired an interest in the ancient language from a passing mage and learned scraps from other travelers over the years. Somewhat proficient with a sword but prefers not to put himself at risk. Likes fire.

Ollyn has an unadventurous past, having spent his child hood in the relative seclusion of a farmstead on the outskirts of Artin. There, he had little to no interest in farm work, preferring instead to spend his free time in the town proper, often just watching people go about their jobs. He enjoyed learning new things, and quickly developed a knack for picking up the theoretical of new skills, although the practical was still somewhat elusive in many cases. His main area of interest was magic, but information on such a topic wasn’t easy to come by, especially in such a small town. What Ollyn did learn, he had to gather from passing travelers and traders, and on one occasion, a freelance mage who gave Ollyn some lessons in exchange for a couple of favours (which may or may not have been legal).
After his parents both passed away from a sickness that briefly hit the farms, Ollyn sold his land and moved into town, in order to save travel time. A few weeks later, the farm burned down in a mysterious fire while the owners were out.

Ollyn met his end while hunting a Dryad in the forests to the West of Daham.
He and Raxxus were advancing on the beast, exchanging blows and all the while avoiding her bewitching gaze, when they were beset upon by a pack of wolves.
The two were heavily outnumbered, and while Raxxus had sturdy armour to protect himself, Ollyn had only his wards, which were worn into nothing, leaving him unprotected.
Unable to reach him in time, Raxxus could do nothing but watch as Ollyn was overwhelmed, borne to the ground, and savagely relieved of one of his legs.
In the aftermath of the fight, in which everyone but Raxxus was incapacitated, Ollyn died of his wounds, bleeding out in Raxxus’ arms. He was subsequently buried beneath the great oak from which the now dead dryad most likely drew her power, in accordance with the customs of The Order of Heralhir.

Acheviements in life:
- Mastered 44 words of magic and various spell chants of Umgrog
- Taught himself how to perform shield magic and create magic wards against damage and afflictions
- Helped free Victoria from the clutches of Nonag “Oath Breaker” Fieldsman and aided in the subsequent exodus to Tayport
- Gained a level of proficiency in alchemy
- Cured a man’s magically afflicted blindness (if only to satisfy his own curiosity)

Ollyn Lumberfeld

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