Richard Grey

Lord of Artin


Richard Grey is an older man, tall but overweight. He has medium length black hair and a semi-kept beard, both of which are beginning to show bits of grey as he ages. He was originally an ally of Nonag “Oath Breaker” Fieldsman, and became mayor thanks to Nonag’s intimidation, blackmailing, and bribery. After Nonag’s death, Richard held on to power desperately, and was able to maintain his official position when the refugees of Artin fled to Tayport.

Richard’s main rival is Victoria Loyalar, the huntress of Artin who declared martial law, and has tried to seize power from him ever since. When Tayport declared itself a free city and asked for other towns and villages to pledge fealty, Richard jumped at the oppertunity. He was recently knighted by King Marcelo and granted the fiefdom of Artin. Victoria was also knighted.

Richard Grey

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