Victoria Loyalar

The landless Knight of Tayport


Victoria is moderatly tall, with neck length black hair normally tied back and an almost regal posture. She was raised by a military family in Tayport, and her family moved around often when she was young. When she was old enough to strike out on her own, she came to Artin, and there laboured in the town to rise to the position of Master of the Hunt. As the master of the hunt, Victoria was responsible for organising all hunting near Artin, to avoid conflicts and to bring in the most trade goods possible.

When Knil, Strega, and Ollyn came back with reports of creatures in the woods, Victoria set off to investigate, bringing a group of harty village folk with her. Past the hills she found an army of Trist, and began rushing back to Artin. Unfortunatly, along the way she was attacked and captured by Nonag “Oath Breaker” Fieldsman, who thought she was searching for him.

Victoria was freed by the adventurers Knil, Strega, Ollyn, and Gaben, and called for the evacuation of Artin towards Tayport.

She has sense become a landless knight in the service of Tayport, and wanders the land seeking to earn her fortune and uphold her reputation.

Victoria Loyalar

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