Chant Magic

Chant magic is the rote memorization of long, complex spells to allow for a more controlled and focused effect, more advanced effects of spells, and reduce the fatigue to the caster.

Some spell casters only learn how to use chants, which reduces the cost of their magery by 30%. These mages cannot learn psionics, create powerstones, or use normal word magic without buying off of the limitation.

Every chant spell is learned as a separate skill, with difficulty either IQ/Hard or IQ/Very Hard. The casters magery level is added to their skill level. Casting a chant spell involves speaking the chant and focusing on the required imagery and target. Casting time is (20-skill) * normal casting time, and produces the same effect as a spell written in GURPS basic or GURPS magic. Prerequisits are still required, and represent introductory segments of the chant which set up the required magic.

If you are injured while casting a chant spell, you must make a HT-damage check to continue casting instead of the normal Will check to continue concentrating. If you have singing trained, you may use it instead of raw HT. A disrupted chant spell costs no FP.

Chant Magic

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