Realistic Mental Traits

GMs may rule that particular mental traits come with either a social stigma or a social regard, in that, for instance, a culture that highly respects history might have great reverence for someone who can remember insane details about past events, but in many societies, that’s weird.

Hyperthymesia -17 points
Also known as Hyperthymestic Syndrome or Highly Superior Autobiographical Memory
Rarity: like, 3
Photographic Memory (Trigger -10%, Unreliable 5 [Mitigator(Personal experiences) – 80%] -16%) 8 Points
Flashbacks -5 Points
Short Attention Span SCR 6 -20
The trigger listed above could be anything at all related to the memory in question, such as a date, a particular person’s face…
Hyperthymestics are almost always enduring a constant stream of memories, with each memory usually triggering another. This can make it hard to focus on what is happening in the present.

Eidetic Memory 4 Points
Also known as Photographic Memory.
Rarity: ???
As Basic Set’s Photographic Memory, but recall is only modified by the advantage for 3d minutes after the information in question was presented.
Basic Set’s “Eidetic Memory” advantage actually has nothing to do with having an eidetic memory, but instead represents having a well organized memory—often through the use of mnemonic devices, but not always—which is a thing you can learn, though it is very difficult. Eidetic memories are far more common among children, but rarely lasts until adulthood. With training, however, a child with an eidetic memory is more likely to keep it as they grow older.

Social Phobia — In progress
Also known as Social Anxiety.
Rarity: 6.8%
Low Self Image

Bipolar Disorder — In progress
Rarity: 2.6%

Generalized Anxiety Disorder — In progress
Rarity: 4%

Antisocial Personality Disorder 0 points
Also known as Dissocial Personality Disorder or Sociopathy.
Rarity: 3% (Male), 1% (Female)
2 levels of Smooth Operator 30
Callous -5
Impulsiveness SCR 9 -15
Overconfidence SCR 6 -10
Description in progress

OCPD (Obsessive Compulsive Personality Disorder) — In progress
often erroneously referred to as OCD.
Rarity: 1%

OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) — In progress
Might refer to OCPD (see above)
Rarity: 2.3%

Realistic Mental Traits

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