The city of Arabar sits on the western coast of Kirimish, and is one of the largest cities on the continent. Being separated by a mountain range from Hir’Tirith, it was one of the most independent cities of the empire. When Tayport declared independence, Arabar was quick to follow.

Arabar is known for its large manufacturing and mining industries, and its naval fleet purchased from Tayport.

The Unicorn and Fox – Status -1
The Wealthy Owl – Status -1
The Sage’s Cellar – Status 0
The Anvil – Status 0

TL2 and below is available for normal cost. TL3 armour and weapons are available at 4x normal price. Magical supplies are 1.2x normal cost.

Important Figures
Eron Shyx
Gregory the Wizard
Wulfa Rysav


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