Baystead rests on west coast of Kirimish, separated from the center of the continent by the Western Mountains, and is well known as the most independent of all the distant cities. The people of Baystead are proud of their intellectual and cultural independence from the capital, and for centuries have chafed under the imperial yoke. With the current uprising its people have thrown off their oppressors and taken full hold of their own government, instituting a policy of election by popular vote.

City colours: Green and Gold

Arabar to the south and Segrove to the north maintain friendly relationships with Baystead.

The King and Chalice – Status 2
The Pilgrim’s Axe – Status -1

TL2 supplies are available at normal cost, magical supplies are available at normal cost. TL2 supplies and equipment are available at 6x normal cost, imported from Arabar.

Important Figures


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