Broken Bones

A broken bone is a serious injury for an adventurer, and if improperly treated can render a limb or extremity useless. These rules only apply to limbs and extremities, not to comparativly minor injuries such as cracked ribs.

A bone is broken in a limb or extremity if it takes is needed to cripple it from crushing damage in a single blow. Double this damage and the limb or extremity is mangled beyond repair (as normal in the basic set). During combat the limb is considered crippled, and no further effects are needed. Once combat is over make an HT check. On a critical success, the bone itself is fine and the limb or extreimity will be functional once you return to full HP. On a success, the bone was fractured but not displaced, and requires 1d6 months of rest in a sling (no use of the arm) until it is functional again. On a failure, the bone is severely broken and displaced, and requires a bonesetting roll to allow it to heal. On a critical failure the broken bone is beyond repair, and the limb is best amputated.

Setting a bone requires a physisian or esoteric medacine roll, at -2 if the bone is part of an extremity. On a success the bone is set properly and heals in 1d6 months, on a failure the bone is damaged beyond repair and is best amputated to avoid infection.

Path of body spells can assist with bone setting. Lesser effects turn healing time from months to weeks or set a bone that has not been seen to yet. Greater effects heal a set bone instantly, or set a bone even after a failed bonesetting roll.

Broken Bones

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