Racial Template [226 Points]
ST +4 {40}
DX +3 {60}
HT +2 {20}

Per +2 {10}
Basic Speed +0.75 {15}
Skinny {-5}
Handsome/Beautiful (Off-The-Shelf Elf, -50%) {6}

Acute Vision 3 {6}
Acute Hearing 2 {4}
Expanded Lifespan 3 {6}
Fit {5}
High Manual Dexterity 2 {10}
Less Sleep 4 {8}
Magical Potential 0 {5}
Night Vision 6 {6}
Perfect Balance {15}
Silence 1 {5}
Voice {10}

The elves of Kirimish are an ancient and regal race, born to its shores on boats of gold and silver centuries ago. They are tall, standing over six feet on average, fast, and stronger than their thin frames would suggest. Their faces are angular, with high and delicate cheek bones. Hair colour varies widley, but it never waves or currles as it grows. Their skin is almost always pale.

Elves make formidable opponenets, they are stroner than they would first appear, faster than most humans, and rotinely shake off poisons that would kill a human. With a life expectancy of several centuries, they have plenty of time to perfect their skills, and are frequently masters of several crafts. Crossing blades with an elf is a grim prospect, and only the greatest of warriors can hope to best one.

Perhaps more dangerous than their body is their mind. Elves are inately magical, and many have formal magical training. They are not nessesarily smarter than humans, but with centuries to study and perfect their craft, and the vast reserves of elven knowledge stored in their strongholds, an elvish spell caster is one of the most dangerous opponents on the face of Kirimish.

Elves, however, are a rare breed across Kirimish. Despite such long life spans, elves rarely mate and reproduce. When they do, the prospective parents return to their ancient cities in the eastern forests of Kirimish. There they raise the child until he is old enough to care for himself, a task that might take thirty years or more. Few elves parent more than one child, and the race is slow to multiply. Instead they rely on the strength, inginuity, and above all, abundance of humanity to maintain their empire, which shields them from a war that might force them to extinction.

For the history of elves on Kirimish: History of Kirimish


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