Ghoul Information

The following information has been gathered and collated by one Knil Adlez on the topic of Ghouls, and represents his current knowledge and understanding. Subject to change and research as time goes on

The term ghoul is given to a willing human servant of an undead vampire. Ghouls offer up part of their humanity in exchange for a share of a vampires power, and in the process bind themselves to the will of their patron.

A ghoul is incapable of striking out against its master after it has first sworn and bound itself through dark ritual. As time goes on, a ghoul falls farther into darkness, and deeper into the control of the vampire that created them. Eventually, all ghouls must either give themselves up entirely, or rebel and seek their own freedom through the destruction of their master.

There is no known way to reverse the process once begun, short of the destruction of the vampire who created the ghoul. This is a task impossible for the ghoul to fulfill by itself, and without allies it is doomed to subjugation.

While at first the act of becoming a ghoul carries little more than dark desires and strange interests, urges and requirements will grow over time. Many ghouls are driven mad by the conflict between their new and old selves. It is uncertain whether the destruction of the master would remove these traits entirely, but it should stop their progress.

Ghoul Information

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