Harmonized Severe Bleeding

There are no longer any penalties to a First Aid or HT roll. Instead every 5 damage received causes an additional 1 point of bleeding damage. An HT roll is made every minute until the bleeding has stopped. A success reducing future damage by 1. Reduced bleeding damage from HT checks is always applied BEFORE the damage is done.

First Aid functions as extra HT checks made for the bleeder with your own skill. Success reduces bleeding by 1 point. Reduced bleeding from first aid is always applied AFTER the damage is done. For characters with high First Aid, taking a -5 allows for you to make twice as many checks, one before and one after bleeding each round.

Surgery may be performed instead of First Aid, but requires all the tools surgery will normally require. A surgery check may be made every minute, and stops degrees of success worth of bleeding instead of just 1.

A critical failure on either a First Aid or HT roll resets the bleeding damage to the original amount or double the current rate, whichever is lower.

Healing magic reduces the bleed rate by 1 for every 1 HP that is healed.

Wounds in martial arts that bleed twice as fast instead inflict double the bleeding damage listed. Surgery is no longer needed to treat immediate bleeding, but is still needed to stabilize mortal wounds.

Removed limbs qualify for the double bleeding rate, but the maximum damage caused is limited by the dismemberment threshold. For a 10 HP human a removed limb will bleed for 4 HP/min.

A 6 basic damage swing to the veins in the neck (-8 to hit, 2.5x damage) connects. The blow does an immediate 15 HP of damage (A heavy hit!). The neck bleeds at a -4 and every 30 seconds, so the injury is counted as 15*(2)=30! The unfortunate target of the attack bleeds out for 30/5 = 6 HP a minute, or 1HP every 10 rounds. Without magical intervention, the target will likely bleed out in a matter of minutes.

The target above is immediately seen to by a Good Healer of Merith. The healer has first aid at 13, but is out of healing scrolls. The wounded rolls his first HT check against his HT of 11 and rolls a 9. Their bleeding amount is reduced by 1. Now the healer makes a first aid roll and rolls a 6, reducing bleeding damage by 1 again. The wounded makes an HT check and rolls a 12, so no damage is reduced. The wounded takes 4 damage, enough to trigger another death check. This time they roll a 12 and suffer a mortal wound. The healer gets a 10 and reduces bleeding by 1, and the wounded gets a 10 and reduces it by 1. The wounded takes 2 more damage. Finally, the healer rolls an 8, the wounded rolls a 11, and the bleeding stops completely. However, the wounded still has a mortal wound that will require surgery to repair…

Harmonized Severe Bleeding

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