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Humans are the standard against which all other races are measured.

The race of humans is the most common across all of Kirimish, and one of the most diverse. Humans stand anywhere between five and six and a half feet tall, with skin ranging from pale white to dark black, hair from pure blond to firey red to midnight black. While not as strong as a trist’mer or as fast as an elf, they are one of the most adaptable and ingenious races. Across the entire empire humans built cities where none had before, engineering aquaducts and berms, paving roads and clearing paths through forests.

Humans posses minds capable of extream intelegence and creativity. It is among humans that the greatest artists, musicians, engineers, and scientists are found. The rare human also has the ability to harness magic, and many human mages approach the art with a ferocity and desire to learn unseen among elvish spell casters. While the elves might produce spell casters with centuries of experience, humans are capable of becoming the most spectacular wizards in mere decades.

Humanity has a bloody history with both the trist and the elves. When they first landed, humanity took what land they wanted, and were forced to defend it in many long wars against the native trist. When humans later stole magic from the elves and spread it among all of humanity, the elves retaliated and marched upon the largest human city of Hir’Tirith. While the trist were eventually defeated, humanity had no way to defeat the physically stronger and the magically superior elves. Peace was finally reached with the elves because both races feared anihilation if they continued fighting, they would be too weakened to hold the trist back any longer. Instead, the elves placed a new monarch on the throne, and demanded that all owe fealty to them.

Several centuries passed, and the arangement became an accepted tradition by the humans, who would see several generations come and go under the leadership of a single emperor or empress. Some still wish rule to return to a human, but most recognise the enduring strength of an elf on the throne as a benifit.

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