The name Kirimish describes both the empire and the continent on which it is located. The continent is massive, spanning several months of travel from east to west and almost as much north to south. Included within it’s bulk are mountains, deserts, tundra, jungles, and almost all manner of terrain at some point. The capital Hir’Tirith rests in the center, and is home to the largest number of occupants in the land.

The empire has existed for several millenia, and for the last three centuries has been under the rule of Brekhan Bearcharger. The empire is booming, with goods being produced at a steady and increasing rate, and improvements to manufacturing being put into practice.

The flag of the empire is a black background with bars of gold on the sides, framing a stylised golden ship making landfall.

The empire is home to three major races:
The Trist

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