The land of Kirimish is vast, and speaks a similarly vased number of languages.

Kirimishian – Once known as low Kirimishian, this is the common tounge of the land, the official language of the empire, and the unofficial language of trade. Some people may not be fluent, but almost everyone speaks it at at least a broken level. Kirimishian comes in many dialects, which default to each other at one level lower (Native to accented, accented to broken, broken to none).

Northern Kirimishian: Spoken in Northgate and nearby settlements.
Western Kirimishian: Spoken along the west coast of Kirimish and used by sailors.
Eastern Kirimishian: Spoken by humans in human elf cities, which blends the languages.
Central Kirimishian: Spoken by the central cities, blends words with Eluryan.

Old Kirimishian – Also known as high Kirimishian, this old dialect was one of the languages spoken when humans and elves first formed their alliance. It is of use to some scholars who read old books, and a few nobles learn it to hold onto their royal traditions. It is common to have family phrases written in Old Kirimishian.

Low Elvish – The common tounge of the elves, spoken in public and occasionally taught to humans of importance to allow for easier discussion.

High Elvish – The tounge of elvish nobility, used for only the most serious of topics and dearest of secrets. It has never been taught to a human, and is used only rarely in public by those who know it. It is becomeing less and less common, as Low Elvish is used more often in private, and Kirimishian in public.

Trist – The language of the trist, it is rare for any tribe to speak the same dialect as another, but they all share a single root, and default to eachother at one level lower (Native to accented, accented to broken, broken to none). The language makes use of several sounds that humans and elves find difficult (or impossible) to make, and so no non-trist speaker can ever speak this at a native level.

Eluryan – Spoken by the old kingdom of Eluryh, this language survives in the deserts and mountains of centeral Kirimish, spoken as the native tounge in many major cities.

’Murikan – This language is native to the elvish village ’Murika. It is a variation of low Kirimishian, and the two are nearly indistinguishable.


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