Mass Combat Modifications

The following are optional rules to adapt Mass Combat to better suit an adventurer-focused game and a world in which healing magic is ubiquitous.

Magical Healing

Magical healing – defined here as any effect that can restore a significant (~2d) amount of HP – is a significant boon to any commander. It also has significant impacts on Misfortunes of War. Healing is divided up into three main types:

Limited Consumable

Your force has access to a small number of limited, consumable healing items like healing potions, scrolls, etc. These healing items may be spent between combat rounds to restore hitpoints. Characters, including commanders, may only use healing items they were personally carrying. Alternatively, anyone may take a -2 to the effects of their risk modifier (but not the dangers!) to provide healing to someone in need. This has the effect of making risk more tolerable – most misfortunes of war will be restored via potions or scrolls, reducing the risk of losing a commander in the heat of battle. Such are the fantastical benefit of supernatural healing!

Ubiquitous Consumables

Your forces have access to a deep pool of consumable healing resources – healing potions for every man, or similar. At any point in the battle the force may elect to make use of their healing supplies, temporarily gaining the Healer class as described below. This lasts for one round of combat, but forces may have additional rounds of healing supplies if their stocks are deep. Treat each round of healing supplies as being worth +50% raise/maintain cost.

Unlimited Healing

Practically unlimited healing, such as that provided by a skilled and well provisioned mage, is powerful enough to be treated as it’s own class! The Healer class does provide superiority – restoring your most dangerous, highly trained elements is a significant advantage! At the end of a battle a commander may ignore casualties of up to double the TS of units with the Healer class. A character embedded in a unit with the Healer class may benefit from their restorative effects once per round. They receive healing equal to one use of the most common healing ability. Other characters may take the Risk penalties as described under limited consumables for similar effects – effectively retreating to the rear to be healed.

In the face of fantasy levels of healing new tactics and responses become possible. Abilities that resist healing may have the (healing) class, negating but not providing healing superiority. Troops may be given the (healing) class if they are particularly brutal and leave no survivors whenever given the chance.

Mass Combat Modifications

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