New Magic Advantages and Improvements

New and modified advantages that apply to magic:

Magical Potential (Word) 5 points
You are attuned to the magic that control the world at a fundamental level, and with time and practice can learn to harness that power as your own. You may buy 1 point cantrips (Sorcery advantages that work out to 1 point) for their full (1 point) cost. The cost of this advantage, and any cantrips, contributes towards your first level of Magery (Word). You may not take this advantage (or full Magery) after character creation; you are either born a mage or you are not.

Chant Talent 10 points/level
You are naturally talented at manipulating the words of magic into complex structures. For each level you gain +1 to all path skills as well as thaumatology(syntax). Additionally, other mages who notice your talent will react at a +1. Only two levels of this talent may be taken. One is genetic and must be bought at character creation. The other may be learned at any time. You must be a mage to take this talent.

Depths of Magic 2 Points/FP
You have a deeper reserve of magical energy than your physical frame would suggest. These FP are only useable to cast word and chant magic, and do not apply towards FP when calculating any other threshold (such as the 1/3 FP limit for speed and dodge). Cost is as listed up to IQ levels, double for up to 2xIQ, triple up to 3xIQ, ect.

Resilient Mind 5 Points
Your mind is strong and quick to recover from assaults. You gain +1 Will to resist falling unconscious and to any defense against assaults on your mind. You also recover FP spent on mental actions at twice the normal rate.

Detect Spellcaster 7 Points
You can detect if a person has the gift of magery by touch. You must touch your subject and concentrate for a second. Then make a sense roll based on your Per. On a success, you know if the subject has any level of magery (including 0). A successful IQ check after allows you to determine their exact level of magery. Acute Senses (Detect Spellcaster) can be bought to improve the Per roll, at 2 points/level.

Aura Sight 10 Points
Detects the magical aura around a mage who is actively attuned to a magical scroll or protected by a magical ward. After one second of concentration, make a Per based sense roll. On a success, you discover whether or not the target is surrounded by a magical aura, and for each degree of success can tell one more spell from another, starting with the spell with most energy, then their wards. An IQ based Thaumatology(Theory) roll may then be made to analyze the aura. Each point of success gives the path that uses the most energy for the spell in question, with each point of success doing the same for another spell up to the number differentiated with the initial Per roll. Wards are always differentiated and analyzed after spells, and a successful analyze roll for it reveals what the ward protects against as well as the total number of points in wards. Acute Senses(Aura Sight) can be bought to improve the Per roll, at 2 points/level.

Attunement Mastery 1 Point
You must specify a specific ritual as defined in Thaumatology:Ritual Path Magic. You have achieved such mastery with this ritual that the first scroll of this type attuned to you does not count against your maximum number of scroll attunements. This perk may be taken multiple times, each time it must be taken with a different ritual.

New Magic Advantages and Improvements

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