Poisons come in several different forms and require different methods of application to the target. Respiratory agents require the target to breath it in, they are commonly a fine powder thrown in someones face or an incense that is burned to fill a space. Blood agents require contact with a mucous membrane to be effective, and can be delivered as a follow up agent. Contact poisons require contact with bare skin or a mucous membrane to take effect. It can also be used as a follow up agent. Ingested poisons must be eaten or drunk to take effect.

Almost all types of poisons are highly illegal, and can result in imprisonment and death if found carrying them. Some low grade poisons are acceptable as a method of pest control.

One dose of poison is enough to poison the tip of an impaling or piercing weapon such as a spear, knife, or arrow. to poison the blade of a weapon, 3 doses are needed per yard of the weapon. The poison is used up after 1 successful attack that penetrates DR, or 3 that are blocked, parried, or absorbed by DR. Note that the attack only has to penetrate DR to apply poison, even a 0 damage hit is enough to apply it to the target!

Stored poison remains potent forever unless otherwise noted. Applied poison exposed to the elements must make an HT roll (HT 12) every day or become neutralized. Powders are particularly durable, and make this roll every month instead. Check is made per dose, and may be modified by storage conditions (-4 in damp conditions with lots of air movement, 0 if stored in a temperate area out of sunlight, the wind, ect, +4 in a dry location with stagnet air).

Poisons are also divided between mundane and magical. Mundane may require magical preparation, but after creation project no magical signal. Magical poisons can be identified by someone with alchemy or poison, mundane poisons require the poison skill.

Dancing Cricket Extract or Jump Limb or Twitch Juice
Type: Blood agent, Mundane
Cost: $200-$600
Appearance: Thick, dull brown liquid.
Effect: 1 second onset. Target must make an HT-4 roll or the targeted body part begins spasming. If a leg requires a DX-2 check to remain standing, or if a arm/hand a DX-2 check to hold onto whatever you are holding. Each second spasming moves to connected body parts (legs, lower torso, upper torso, arms, head), and requires a HT-4 roll to resist. Spread stops once an HT-4 roll is made, but spasming continues for 2d6 hours. Lose 1 FP after the first second of spasming, 1d6 after the attack ends. Make a Will roll during the attack or suffer from Moderate Pain.
Creation: ?? Roll, 4 Weeks
Known by: Nobody.

Sleep Mushroom Powder or Sweet Dreams
Type: Digestive agent
Cost: $40
Appearance: Dark blue powder.
Effect: 1 hour after application, or when they go to bed, the target must make an HT-4 roll or fall into a sleep so deep they cannot be awakened by anything other than magical means for 12 hours.
Creation: Herb Lore -4, 2 weeks
Known by: Last Order

Other Tools of Subterfuge

Smoke Powder
Cost: $300/pound
Appearance: A fine blue-grey powder; must be kept in a silk bag as it flows out of coarser fabrics.
Effect: One pound of power will burn for 6d6 seconds (average 33) and produce a thick blue-black smoke. When properly stored the powder will begin burning when exposed to flame for one second. If damp it may take several seconds or not ignite at all (HT 12 to ignite in the rain, 1d6 seconds to light if passed). The smoke from the powder billows out and produces an obscuring cloud. The round after the powder ignites it will fill its hex with smoke giving -1 to vision. Each round the smoke will spread and grow worse at the center, with the penalty in the center getting one worse and each ring surrounding the powder growing one worse. The worst the smoke will grow in most situations is -5 in the center (-4 1 yard away, -3 2 yards away, etc.). In confined spaces it may grow up to -9 in the center. When looking through the smoke sum the penalties for each hex, if the penalty is -10 or greater vision is obscured completely.
Creation: ?? Role
Known by: Nobody


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