Segrove sits as the most northern port on the western coast of Kirimish, above the western mountain range. Segrove represents one of the two major entrances to the western coast (the other being Garwick and Tayport to the south of the western mountains), and sees trade from both east and west. Segrove is sometimes known as the jewel of humanity, and is recorded as the first sight of human landing upon the face of Kirmish, and has been the capital of several nations over the millennia. Segrove’s distance from Hir’Tirith has put it in closer alignment with the western free cities, but it has chosen to take a neutral stance. Officially it remains loyal to the empire, but the city has resisted attempts by the empire to send more troops to garisson it. In fact, a series of draconian safety laws have been put in place to limit the chances of a foreign from either side sneaking into or out of the city. The following pamphlet has been distributed aggressively by the city to inform the populate of it’s rules and regulations:

Hello, and thank you for choosing Segrove for your business or pleasure. Segrove prides itself on being the safest city in all of Kirimish, and there are some rules you should be aware of while traveling in our fine city:

1. All blades longer than 6 inches, or any blade longer than 4 inches with a hilt or guard, must be seen to by a city peace keeper. See appendix A for details. No weapon of any sort may be carried in such a way as to be easily retrieved.

2. All projectile weapons (Crossbows, Bows, Blowguns, Spear throwers) must be seen to by a peace keeper. See appendix A for details.

3. Any object clearly intended to be used as a weapon, such as a mace, club, or war axe, must be seen to by a city peace keeper. See appendix A for details. Objects of a professional nature such as a blacksmiths hammer or a carpenters axe are allowed, but may require inspection by city guards. No dangerous tool may be carried in such a way as to be easily retrieved.

4. Possession of personal body armour above and beyond equipment required for protection from professional hazards is grounds for questioning by the city guard. We suggest such possessions are kept stowed along with your other traveling luggage until you depart.

5. All magical scrolls, charms, potions, ect must be distributed by a licensed city provider. You are required to keep this license with you at all times, and present it to the city guard upon request.

6. All magic users are required to self identify upon entrance to the city and have a magic alert charm placed upon them. The charm requires a 200sp deposit and a 25sp cost. See appendix B for details.

7. Travel between wards is restricted between sunset and sunrise. A travel pass, obtained from a city license dispensary, will allow you through. Otherwise a late-night fee of 50sp and a search by the guards will allow access. Please plan ahead and either obtain a travel pass for your late nights out.

Thank you for your interest in our fine city, we hope you find your stay enjoyable. If you have any questions, approach your nearest city guard for further information.

Appendix A. Storage and Retrial options for Weapons

Option 1: The city guard will gladly dispose of unwanted weapons safely, free of charge.

Option 2: The city guard will keep possession of the weapon and store it in an armoury until you are ready to leave the city. There is a 10sp/day charge per item for weapons stored in this way, or 30sp/day for 3 or more weapons carried by one person.

Option 3: The weapon may be peace bound by the city guard and have a safety ward placed upon it. This carries a cost of 25sp cost and a deposit of 200sp. If the ward is broken the guard will be alerted and the deposit kept.

Appendix B. Foreign Magic Users

Unauthorized magic use within Segrove is forbidden. If you are capable of casting magic spells please self identify to a guard. If you do not self identify and are detected by one of the Seers accompanying the city guard you will be fined 500sp. The magic detection charms will alert the city guard if any magic is used and void your deposit. Removal of the charm will carry the same result.
The charm will be removed when you exit the city and your deposit will be returned to you.

The streets of gilded halls – Religious district

The Refined Knight – Status 2 Inn


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