Storing Energy

Magical energy can be stored in objects and retrieved later, but only after the object is prepared to hold the energy. This is done through intense concentration and infusing the object with large amounts of energy first to prepare it.

Create Powerstone (IQ/Hard)
Prerequisites: Magery 1
Each use of this skill begins with 8 hour days of providing energy, until the total energy needed by the stone is provided. Providing energy is not stressful, and you can assume a normal rest rate while you are enchanting (6 FP per hour back, 48 FP per day). Enchanting must be done continuously, and a single day of missed enchanting ruins the spell.

The energy required is quadrupled if a cheap object is used. The price point for an object is $10x(P^2) + $40xP, where P is the capacity. This works out to be equivalent to the cost of gems in carats, so a good rule of thumb is 1 capacity per 1 carat of the gem.

Once all of the energy needed is provided, roll against your Create Powerstone skill. On a success, a non-enchanted object is turned into an uncharged 1 powerstone and an already enchanted powerstone has it’s capacity increased by 1 (that 1 is not charged). On a failure, the capacity is not increased, and the powerstone develops a quirk related to it’s function. You will know what your attempt failed and what quirk has befallen your powerstone. A failure by 3 or more adds a major quirk. Two failures in a row indicates that this Powerstone can never grow in size (and adds a second quirk). A critical failure indicates that the Powerstone is destroyed.

Because of the difficulty of this technique, a roll of 16 is always a failure, a 17 and 18 is always a critical failure.

A powerstone regains energy at a constant rate of 1 point per day, and only one powerstone can be used to power a spell at a time. Every powerstone requires a radius of 6 feet to recharge, otherwise only the strongest powerstone recharges. Two stones of the same power recharge at half their normal rate. Powerstones still “recharge” and affect the charging of other nearby stones when they are at full energy.

Energy Cost: 100

Storing Energy

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