Summoning Spells

Summoned allies are assumed to be built by a 100 point character, regardless of the characters point total. You may buy higher than 100% with each 25% costing 1 more point.

All summoned creatures begin based off of a natural creature, either a human or a mundane real world animal. The creature may be an exceptional specimen of this species without any extra cost, but there is an added cost to having unnatural advantages. For every 5% of the allies points that are spent on advantages that are not natural you must add another instance of the 50% modifier “special advantages” onto the ally advantage.

Additionally, all summoned creatures MUST have the following meta-trait:
Summoned Creature (0 Points)
Injury Tolerance (Homogenous) – 40
Magical Mind (Similar to Digital Mind) – 5
Doesn’t Breathe – 20
Doesn’t Eat – 10
Doesn’t Sleep – 20

Fragile (Unnatural) – -50
Extreme Fanaticism – -15
Vulnerability (Silver, x3) – -30

No FP – 0
Cannot have Sorcerous Empowerment – 0
Cannot have magic resistance – 0
IQ and mental skills limited by caster – 0
Magical DR must be limited to not affect silver weapons – 0

Summoning Spells

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