The city of Tayport rests along the south western coast of the continent of Kirimish. It is the largest city for several days travel by land or sea, and sees substantial trade from nearby villages, towns, and the capital Hir’Tirith. The largest industry is boat construction and repair.

The city is ruled by Duke Marcelo Prieto, previously one of the only human dukes of the land. The city of Tayport has recently declared independence and stopped a regiment of empire troops. The troops were stripped of their equipment and sent back to the capital. An elvish governor acted as the official representative of the empress, and is currently under house arrest in the government district of the city.

The flag of Tayport is a bacrkound of azure with a field of boats in black at the bottom, and an eagle in white along the top.

Crown District – Home of many nobles and wealthy merchants

Fletchers Village – A large portion of the cities workshops and craftsman live and work here

Charger’s Ward – Houses an arena for games, a hipidrome for horse races, and other places of entertainment. Home to many merchants dealing in horses, mules, ect

Rosetomb District – A residential district, containing many taverns, inns, and temporary living quarters.

Highcastle Market – Mainly taken up with shops, small buisnesses, and markets throughout the streets.

TL2 and below is available freely. TL3 equipment is available at a special order only. Magical supplies are readily available.

Important Figures
Marcelo Prieto
Gylas Wente
Wyny Gedde


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