The Church of Agrim

Agrim – or Agrim of the Many – is a minor god whose religion has only really found traction in major cities. All who worship Agrim realise that they are but a small part of a vast world in which Agrim has a plan in motion. Everyone, from the lowliest peasant to the highest noble, is but a single soul no more or less special than any other. It is here, however, that the beliefs of Agrim’s followers diverge into two schools: The Pismire and The Leonem.

The Pismire
The more popular of the two beliefs, the Church of the Pismire teaches that a single person is powerless, and only through combined efforts can anything of note be achieved. Flock followers gather in large congregations to pray. In church their sermons more commonly take the form of open debates as the entire group voices their opinions on the subject at hand, pooling their collective experience and wisdom together to better form a comprehensive understanding of discussion topics.

It is not uncommon for the Pismire to form social service groups in the community, using their church donations to fund such organisations as soup houses, orphanages, and homeless shelters. Beneficiaries of these services are invariably expected to contribute in turn, either by helping staff social services, or joining the congregation in earnest. It is in this way that the ranks of Pismire believers has grown so rapidly. The Pismire believe in reciprocity, and any benefactor of their church will not be wanting for a force of hard workers when they truly need it.

The Pismire have no rank system, as this would be contrary to the essence of their beliefs, but in practice responsibility over an area of the church’s functions is often entrusted to a group within the congregation on a rotating basis.

The Leonem
Where the Pismire believe in the strength of numbers, those who follow the beliefs of the Leonem put their faith in the strength of an individual. They look at heroes of legend and truly believe that they – and indeed anyone – has the potential to rise just as high. Those who do not try to rise have wasted that potential, and only by aspiring for greatness can one truly worship Agrim. A select few have attained the status of a hero in the eyes of the Church of the Leonem, and are blessed with the title of “Agrim’s Chosen”. This is the honour that every Leonem strives for.

The Church of the Leonem has very few actual chapels, as the large majority of it’s worshipers are wanderers. It is more common for gatherings to occur by chance on the road. It is then that the Leonem will share tales of their exploits, and those of their companions too. Thus tales of heroes spread throughout the kingdom of Kirimish.

Rank within the Church of the Leonem is determined by the degree of one’s accomplishments. There are no official titles other than “Chaplain”, and the coveted Chosen of Agrim. Chaplains are the Leonem who devote their lives not to accomplishing greatness themselves, but to inspiring it in others. They act as the lore keepers of the Leonem and are often sought after to bolster morale amongst troops in a war.

Internally, there is an amicable relationship between the two factions. The Pismire believe the Leonem to be working together in their own way, as shown by their united efforts to slay monsters and protect humans. The Leonem consider the Pismire lesser as they do not try to realise their full potential but they have no qualms with letting the Pismire continue as they are. Indeed, it is not uncommon for Leonem down on their luck to take up lodgings at a Pismire house… so long as they are willing to lend a hand in return.

Externally Agrim is considered a minor god and has a limited influence on national affairs. Wise governers have learned to appreciate the Pismire and some go as far as to provide direct aid to their endeavors. Other leaves them be. Leonem are ignored unless strength of arms is needed, at which point they are often hired as cheap, well motivated mercenaries.

Important Figures
Raxxus Julia: while not a worshipper of Agrim, the tales of Raxxus Julia have been spread by the Leonem and many are expecting great things of him. News of his death has not yet reached the ears of most of them.

Gorran Tristbane: renamed from Gorran Shenty, Gorran is the last person to have been blessed as a Chosen of Agrim. His legends recount his numerous exploits against the Trist, and it is said that he once slew a monstrous Othorgar in single combat. He passed away at age 40 in the year 3530

Victorus Azyman: A chaplain of Agrim last heard to be enroute to the ruins just south of Vinfield. Known by his fellow Leonem as a serious man who has a talent for inspiring bravery in others.

The Church of Agrim

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