The church of Razeal

The religion of Razeal is the belief that the Goddess Merith, and the God Umgrog have control over all of creation, space, and time. The belief is that Merith is the Goddess of good will, fortune, health, and love and Umgrog is the God choas, pestilence, poverty, and hate. These two beings work together and to create a balance in the universe as each God depends on the other. The church of Razeal is divided into two factions one for Merith and one for Umgrog. Though there have been cases where imbalance was set in the church currently both factions have learned to co-exist. People who are raised in the Church of Razeal learn to work in both factions until favoring to follow one side.

The Followers of Merith
These followers grow up and learn magic to aid people typically learning to use spells in the Healing college and chanting. they learn to usually wield a shield and weapon but are not fond of using combat to solve problems. Followers learn to be kind and loving towards others but also to be swift in instilling justice to evil and protect love ones. Their main job is to help the church spread the love of Merith and heal the sick but at times will instill justice onto evil. Followers of Merith also work to keeping balance between them and the followers of Umgrog.

The Followers of Umgrog
These followers grow up to use powerful magic in combat or proficiency armed and unarmed skills. Umgrog followers learn to gain power anyway possible in order to exact pain and suffering to those to deserve it by the will of Umgrog. Their main objective to spread the hate of Umgrog to subdue chaos and at times provide aid to the innocent. Followers also will work to keep a balance between them and the followers of Merith.

Important Figures
Strega Sees

The church of Razeal

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