The Cult of the Phoenix

The Cult of the Phoenix, or the Order of Philomena as they refer to themselves, worship the divine bird Philomena.

Official Cult Beliefs

Philomena once soared across the sky, a giant bird of flame, and with each of her comings the land was scorched and left barren. The other gods, seeing the destruction that Philomena wrought upon the world, faced down the great bird and struck her down. The creatures of Kirimish gave worship to their gods, and eagerly spread the ashes of Philomena across the land to ensure she would never return. The followers of Philomena seek to gather her ashes together and relight her eternal flame. Philomena will then take to the skies once more, and grant her followers power over the world before she next returns to scour the world of all life and return it to a place of primal beauty.

Common Perception

The Cult of the Phoenix is commonly seen as a simple death cult, worshiping the destruction of all civilization. Some draw parallels between Philomena and both Umgrog and Kripthorn, but their worshipers are quick to point out the difference between the necessary suffering and the total chaos of the Phoenix. None of the large churches recognize Philomena as a member of the current holy pantheon, nor express any belief in a battle between Philomena and the gods in the past.

Worshiper Distribution

The Order of Philomena is loosely distributed throughout much of the western coast of Kirimish. The largest congregation of followers can be found in Baystead, where some say the heart of the phoenix landed after her death. Followers are encouraged to wander the lands in search of Philomena’s holy ashes, and as such are commonly found traveling across the land in small groups.

The Cult of the Phoenix

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