The Mages Guild

The mages guild, commonly found in major cities actross Kirimish, are a semi-unified force of magic users of all kinds. Included within the ranks of the Mages Guild are Word mages, Chanters, Alchemists, Ward Smiths, and other practicers of strange magics. The largest guild house if found in Islisanth, but individual city guilds are left to manage their affairs with almost complete autonomy.

The guilds take in apprentices from any and all who can afford to enroll their children, regardless of magical talent, and many of the greatest minds receive their training inside of the guild. For those with access to the mana of the world, the guild provides reduced tuition, or even none at all in extreme circumstances. All apprentices are brought inside of the guild house (More accuratly a large compound of buildings) and allowed only occasional contact with the outside world. Inside they are taught mundane maths and sciences, along with the theory and practice of different types of magic.

After several years as an apprentice, members of the guild are allowed advancement to journeymen after proving both their ability and loyalty to the guild. The journeymen are allowed to once again return to the world and ply their craft, paying the guild hall that trained them a percentage of their earnings each year. Strictly fobidden by the guild is for them to share the magical secrets they were taught while in study, as that would destroy the monopoly the guild has over formal magic instruction.

Besides tuition and taxing members, the guild makes money in several different ways. A number of different guild activities produce a great many items of substandard quality, such as badly quirked, low capacity power stones. These are sold to third party stores, which sell them to the public at reduced rates. Also provided are contract alchemists for those who cannot afford to have on retainer and fund their lab (Perhaps several times, depending on the alchemists skill!). Finally, the guild offers magical support in times of war and strife, although the price is always high, and such mages refuse to take any part in actual combat.

Mages Guild Journeyman Template {52 Point}
ST: 9 {-10}
DX: 10 {0}
IQ: 11 {20}
HT: 11 {10}

HP: 10 {2}
Will: 11 {0}
Per: 11 {0}
FP: 11 {10}

Basic Speed: 5.25 {0}
Basic Move: 5 {0}

Language (Ancient Kirimishian, Broken/Broken) {2}
15 Points in: Magery (Chant) {7} and 8 points in path skills, or 15 points towards Magery (Word)
5 Points in: Contact, Ally, Favor, or Patron from the Guild {5}
5 Points in: Eidetic Memory, Acute Senses (Taste/Smell or Touch), Fit, Will, Per, last 5 points of Sorcerous Empowerment, 5 points in path skills.
10 Points in: Sorcerous Empowerment 2, Word spells, path skills, Alchemy Skills, Psionic Skills. {10}
5 Points in: Singing Skill, Word Spells, Powerstone Skill, Alchemy Techniques, Psionic Skills {5}
5 Points in: Melee Weapon, Brawling, Ranged Weapon, Shield, Cloak, Observation, First Aid, Navigation (Land or Sea) {5}
5 Points in: Thaumatology, History (Magic), Research (TL 2), History (Any Race or City/Region), Cartography {5}

Debt 10 {-10}
Secret (Magic Knowledge, Utter Rejection, 6 or Less) {-5}
Duty (Guild Hall, 6 or Less) {-2}
-5 points in: Klutz, Incurious, Hidebound, Gluttony, Enemy (Rival, 9 or less), Delusion (Minor), Curious, Cowardice (12 or less), Oblivious, Shyness (Mild), or Unfit gained while apprenticing {-5}

The Mages Guild

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