The Order of Heralhir

The Order of Heralhir, more commonly known as the Templar Order, is the internal policing branch of the military of the Empire. Created shortly after the creation of the first Human-Elf nation in order to root out and destroy traitors and turncoats, the Templar have served the throne faithfully for millennia. They are seen in small numbers across the land, commonly overseeing critical operations and ensuring the will of the empress is done. Where they find traitors, they strike with precision and brutality, cleansing the blight from the land.

Fiercely religious, members of the order worship the god of Heralhir, an ancient god of travel, protection, and war. They frequently make small shrines to Heralhir and offer small prayers before they undertake any action, praying for protection and absolution for what they must do.

The Order of Heralhir is lead by a council of fifty Amplitudo Templar (Grand Templar) who reside in Hir’Tirith, protected inside the Grand Cathedral. From these fifty Templar comes the instructions that guides the rest of the Order.

There are many different ranks within the Order, members are limited by when and how they joined:
Adult Recruited Templar Ranks
Child Recruited Templar Ranks
Other Templar Ranks

Important Figures
Raxxus Julia
Belril Julia
Maximus Trem, High Blessed Champion of the Warrior King

The Order of Heralhir

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