The Shema Ranni

The Shema Ranni are a brutal criminal syndicate, operating all across Kirimish. They specialize in assassinations, protection rackets, pickpocketing, break-ins, and secret trading. Very little is known about the inner workings of this organization, how it is organized, and who leads it.

Shema Ranni Template [52 Points]
ST: 10 {0}
DX: 11 {20}
IQ: 11 {20}
HT: 10 {0}

HP: 10 {0}
Will: 11 {0}
Per: 12 {5}
FP: 10 {0}

Basic Speed: 6 {15}
Basic Move: 5 {-5}

Contact Group (Shema Ranni, skill 12, 9 or less, somewhat reliable) {5}
Streetwise at IQ+0 {2}
5 points in: +1 Will, +1 Per, +1 HP, +1 FP, +1 Move, and Acute Senses (Any). {5}
10 points in: Contact Group (Home city underworld), Contact (any), Ally (thug), Favour (any), Patron, Rank (Shema Ranni), Wealth, and Independent Income. {10}
10 points in: Knife, Sword, Broadsword, Shortsword, Bow, Crossbow, Thrown Weapon (Knife), Thrown Weapon (Axe), Axe/Mace, Flail, Shield, Cloak and Poison.
5 points in: Fast-talk, Acting, Intimidation, Diplomacy, Streetwise, and Savoire-Faire (Shema Ranni).
5 points in: Running, Jumping, Urban Survival, Climbing, Escape, and Riding.

Duty (Shema Ranni, 9 or less, Extremely Dangerous) {-10}
Enemy (City Watch, Hunter, 6 or less) {-10}
Code of Honour (Shema Ranni) {-5}
-20 points in: Addiction, Enemy, Bad Temper, Berserker, Bloodlust, Bully, Callous, Compulsive Behavior, Cowardice, Greed, Ham-Fisted, Impulsive, Intolerance, Missing Finger or Thumb, One eye, One arm, One Hand, Overconfidence, Sadist, Secret, Sense of Duty, Social Stigma (Criminal), Stubbornness, Wounded. {-20}

The Shema Ranni

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