The Trist

The Trist are actually two closely connected races, the Trist’mer and the Tristne.

The Trist’mer, meaning litteraly “Greater Beast” in their own language, stand between six and seven feet tall with grey skin ranging from ash white to almost black. Their faces are flattened and turned down, with large teeth and a strong brow line. A boney ridge sticks out above each eye socket, and it is common for a Trist’mer to attempt to destroy an opponents eye with a well aimed headbutt. Trist are stronger and faster than most Humans, but understand little about the sublte points of warcraft, and are easily out manuvered.

The Trist’mer were the origional natives of Kirimish before the Humans and Elves arived, and even now are known to live in small hiden villages across the empire. Several wars between Trist, Humans, and Elves have reduced their numbers considerably, but their rapid reproduction and the creation of the Tristne has prevented complete extinction.

The Tristne, meaning “Lesser Beast”, are smaller humainoids standing anywhere between two and four feet tall with greyish skin. Their skin colour is sometimes tinged with colour ranging from dark green to muddy red, depending on the mud used during their birth. The Tristne have longer faces and sharp filled teeth, and lack any sort of body hair.

The Tristne were created shortly after the first meeting of Trist’mer and Elves. The Trist’mer took their first knowledge of magic, and used it to bind life to the mud of their home lands. The result is a race of mass produced slaves, who make ideal servents for the physically larger Trist’mer. Due to their magical birth, the Tristne have a rate of wizardry second only to the Elves, and Tristne spell casters and mind warpers are revered within their tribes, even as their nonmagical cousins are beaten and bullied.

Both the Trist’mer and Tristne are capable of casting magic, although few Trist’mer posses the intelect required to exert great control over their spells. In addition, the constant distruction and creation of tribes and lack of permenent libraries frequently destroys a tribes store of words. Wizards commonly are given entire phrases without meaning, passed down by oral tradition, and true thaumaturgy is unknown.

For the history of the Trist in Kirimish see: History of Kirimish

The Trist

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