Winter Downtime

Long term downtime is handled on a monthly basis; each month, every PC must do the following:

Pay Cost of Living
Rates are listed below, or found on BASIC 265

A claim to hospitality in the relevant city reduces cost by half, and rank supports the status it provides. This status will be reflected for the next year unless significant expenditure is made to upgrade it.

Perform Major Time Activities
This represents what the PC does for the month. Main characters get 2 activities; side characters get one. These actions are largely handled off screen or with a few rolls, subject to the situation. Some examples of time slot use:

  • Work for pay
  • Conduct long-term research
  • Learn a skill (get 1pt in it for free, may need instructor)
  • Make a contact or favour (worth 1pt)
  • Cast some rituals
  • Commission a new piece of equipment (limited by accessibility in city or area).
  • Cast wards (240hrs/time slot).
  • Find a hireling
  • Intensive Training (takes both activities, requires teacher, 4x cost, gives 4pts free!)
  • Make sales → sell stuff at full value base (quick contest modifies).
  • Find Grimoires (Merchant roll, 2"points" per MoS, finding a specified grimoire expends [bonus squared] points. multiple months stack within reason) – once a month only. Some skills and advantages may give a bonus to the roll. Availability of bonuses is capped at 3d -8, rolled each month for each grimoire.
  • Assist the realm. Declare what maneuver you are assisting the realm in making. When the realm has accumulated Realm Size worth of assist actions it may take an extra maneuver that month. One of the assisting characters may make the success roll for this maneuver as long as they have contributed two or more assist actions.

Training skills etc may require teachers, whose costs will vary based on how talented they are (must be better than you) and what skills they teach.

Perform Minor Time Activities
These are minor enough that they don’t take up a major time slot and are eyeballed for reasonability. Learning a small number of spells works this way, but note that creating wards is only a major activity for purposes of downtime.

Winter Downtime

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